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stuff [Jun. 11th, 2011|01:10 pm]
A Shiny New Australia
Let's see. Am now a year older than when I last posted. Whee. Am adjusting to a new medicine schedule of taking all my pills at night instead of dividing them up half in the morning half at night. Still get drowsy, but am getting more stuff done.

Had a good time at Balticon a couple weeks ago. Especially enjoyed getting dolled up in Renaissance wench garb and going out for vast quantities of sushi. Also being part of an imaginary harem was quite amusing.

Kids continue to be insane and entertaining. Maddie is now obsessed with animal life cycles and all things Japanese. Mollie has become like head explodingly cute. And weird. I mean, she always was, but she cracks me up now with the stuff she says. The other day she walked up to Andy and said, very sadly, "I don't have any bones." No idea where that came from. She also won't leave the house without goggles on--calls them her sunglasses. And she's been getting upset that she can't wear her bear mittens too-- but,seriously, it is way too hot. Maddie has also reached the age where she likes to tell jokes, most of which make no sense or are really bad. Which just makes us laugh harder. And some are just pointless-- like her new favorite: Knock Knock/who's there?/Justin/Justin who?/Justin Bieber!! (and then she starts giggling "is that funny or what?!") Don't quit your day job, kid.